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Zucchini and Basil Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella

   Seems like zucchini aka courgette, is the hottest vegetable since cauliflower right now! Like cauliflower before it (which is used as rice or as a pizza base) zucchini’s status has increased to hot mostly because it is what the … Continue reading

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Eva Longoria’s chunky guacamole and Vera Cruz corn

I came across Eva Longoria (from Desperate Housewives) cookbook in the library recently.  Now Eva is obviously gorgeous and extremely petite, so I did wonder what she would have to offer in a cookbook – 100 ways with carrot and … Continue reading

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Healthy Minestrone

Needing a hit of vegetables ? Stave off those winter ills with this healthy vegetable soup packed full of good things. It only takes just over 30mins to make from start to finish. Feel free to change the ingredients to … Continue reading

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Desa Seni, Bali

Could this be the most healthy and delicious food in Bali ?  Desa Seni is actually a yoga retreat but allow visitors to the restaurant, health spa and yoga classes.  We didn’t make it to any of the classes (as … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprouts, Porteno style

I still haven’t got myself to Porteno, the Argentinian restaurant in Redfern. Specialising in amazing cooked meat using a woodfire oven – it seems everyone that goes there, comes back raving about the Brussel sprouts! Now, before you press delete and move off this blog page – … Continue reading

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Green Beans, Braised Mediterranean Style

Green beans braised in olive oil with onions and tomatoes are a popular vegetable dish in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean and Turkey.   It couldn’t be more simple but this method of cooking, surprisingly transforms the beans into some quite … Continue reading

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Nourishing Quarter, Redfern

Look for a dining experience that is completely different, delicious and has soul?  The Nourishing Quarter in Redfern is just that. I have been seeing a few reviews lately about a great new cafe/restaurant that serves up lots of gluten-free … Continue reading

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