Authentic Sangria

Sangria 4

My visit to Barcelona last year reacquainted me with good Sangria and better still, whilst I was there I learnt how to make it. Sangria, for the uninitiated, is a wine punch, that has been traditionally drunk in Spain and Portugual for hundreds of years.

This recipe is proper, authentic Sangria and one that a Spaniard would be happy to drink.

Now, if you ordering a jug of Sangria at a Spanish restaurant outside of Spain, (or in a touristy restaurant in Spain for that matter) it can be a bit hit and miss. I’m always usually disappointed because it very rarely tastes that amazing – because they don’t use the magic ingredient … Licor 43.  Instead, they will serve up some wine and soda perhaps with a splash of brandy and a bit of chopped fruit thrown in.

Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur which is made of fruit, herbs, spices and vanilla. It is quite nice on its own with lots of ice, a slice of lemon and a splash of soda or lemonade. It mixes well and can be used in cocktails.  In Australia, Licor 43 used to be very hard to find, but now it is widely stocked and I’ve seen it many Duty Free shops in airports around the world (including Sydney).

Sangria made properly is a delightful, refreshing and flavoursome fruit punch – best served with loads of ice.  The wine itself doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be one that you would happily drink on its own and be full bodied – ideally from Spain, if we are being authentic!

I learnt this recipe, sitting in one of the best Tapas bars in Barcelona, watching the barman making glass, after glass, after glass for the many locals imbibing their most popular national beverage.

The beauty of this recipe is that this is a quantity for one glass, so you can whip up any time you might feel a refreshing cocktail coming on! Obviously you can easily multiply the quantity to make a jug.

The bar had premixed the fruit into the wine. Feel free to marinate the fruit in the wine for an hour or two if you are making a jug, but sometimes there is no time to macerate the fruit so you can easily omit this step. Thanks to Licor 43, it will still be fabulous.


15ml Licor 43
15ml Cointreau
100ml red wine
100ml lemon flavoured soda like Fanta or Lift (not Sprite or 7Up)
1 slice of orange, chopped into 8 pieces
1 tblspn chopped apple, skin on


1. Half fill a large wine glass with ice.
2. Pour of the alcohol and top with lemon soda and fruit. Stir.

Serves 1


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