Greek Yoghurt and Honey

Real Greek Yoghurt made in Greece is like nothing else.  If the “Foodie Fairy” could grant me a wish, I think it would be that we could get real Greek yoghurt in Australia.

Sprinkle over a few walnut halves (or some slices of fresh fig) and a drizzle of Greek honey and you have a breakfast or dessert that is heaven on a plate.

With authentic Italian Buffalo Mozzarella now available imported from Italy – I don’t quite understand why we we can’t get imported yoghurt….or more importantly why we can’t make it the same.

In Greece the yoghurt is strained. This means that the watery whey has been removed and the yoghurt is therefore thicker and creamier.

The creamiest yoghurt I’ve tried so far in Australia is Chris’ Brand.  Aldi’s home brand is favoured by my partner’s Greek mother.  But unless we strain  the yoghurt  through muslin (or chux) you won’t get the correct thick texture and this means your Tzatiki  for example, will not be authentic !

In Greece, yoghurt is such a part of the Greek diet that there is a whole aisle in the diary section dedicated to the stuff.  There is sheep, there is goat, there is cow and its all divine – even the low fat stuff is rocks.

Everyday when I’m in Greece I have a breakfast that is yoghurt and Greek honey.  The bees feed on Thyme and the honey has a unique flavour which is totally unique to Greece.  I have a 1 kg tin of honey I brought back from the island of Kos 2 years ago and I treat it like gold, but sadly its almost empty.

Attiki honey is readily available in most good continential deli’s and I’ve also seen Minos brand from Greece sold here too. It is expensive – upwards of $15, there is really is no substitute to get that authentic taste of Greece.

Plump, ripe figs ready for picking – Island of Kos, Greece


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