Biku Tea House, Bali

Iced Biku Cooler

Visitors to Bali should check out the fabulous Biku Tea House in Seminyak.  Coming from a nation of coffee lovers (read my previous coffee blog here), perhaps it is time to remember Australia’s English heritage and rediscover tea.

Biku Tea House is really quite special.  Recreating an authentic Javanese house on the site, using 150 year old vintage timbers, the tea house has a calming ambience where travellers can immerse themselves into the wonderful world of the tea house.  It’s a bookstore and a gift shop as well and a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Using blends made specifically by Biku, I was particularly taken with the ice tea which were presented with tiny bespoke glass jugs containing sugar syrup, so that the each person can tailor make how sweet they would like their beverage to be.  Lovely !

For those that were partaking in hot tea, it was served in some really funky teapots, which were made especially for Biku by local artists.  These were for sale in the gift shop.

Biku is owned by an Australian woman who came to Bali and met and married a Balinese Prince.    The Balinese version of Princess Mary of Denmark !  They have been married for over 30 years.

Whilst I’m not a tea lover in its pure black tea form, but I do enjoy a good Indian Masala Chai.  I love Japanese green tea, I am a big fan of herbal teas so was quite excited by the menu of teas on offer at Biku.  Even the black tea sounded exciting here.

I was particularly taken with my choice of Iced Tea, which was called a Biku Cooler. The base of the tea was lemongrass, peppermint and rosella and served with kaffir lime, mint and lemon wedges. Divine !  and so refreshing in the hot climate. Surely this would go down a treat during the heat of the Australian summer…why don’t we make iced tea popular in this country ?

My partner, enjoyed an iced cold Wedang Jahe Ginger. This had fresh ginger, cinnamon stick and ginger blossoms. It was spicy from the ginger but again, served with ice, it was so refreshing, in the same way that ginger beer can be on a hot day.

Iced Wedang Jehe Ginger Tea

Biku also served a range of “Jamu” which is traditional Indonesia folk medicine teas designed to make you feel good as well as tasting great.

My photos didn’t really do this place justice, so be sure to check out the Biku website and find out more on the range of teas and menu items.


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