Another quick one from my visit to Manila.  The Filipino’s have a very unique obsession with a fruit I’ve never come across before during my travels in Asia.

It is called Calamansi.  Its related to a Cumquat and actually tastes and looks very similar, except that the skin is green not orange. It’s a little more sweet than a Cumquat, but for all intents and purposes, it’s almost identical in flavour.

Calamansi’s crop up everywhere.  We were even given them as part of a Sushi / Sashimi platter in a Japanese restaurant.

In fact where other cuisine’s would serve a slice of lime, the Filipino’s use Calamansi.   From what I can investigate online, Calamansi trees aren’t available in any nursery, so Cumquat is the only option. Here is Australia, the only way to get Cumquats is to grown them yourself as they aren’t available commercially.

One of my favourite beverages was a Calamansi juice, which was served like fresh lemonade, sugared with water and lots of ice.  Very refreshing.

I also had a really interesting juice with Calamansi, Sugar Cane juice and Ginger which was reportedly used to aid the flu and soothe sore throats.  Not sure it worked, but it tasted really nice.

Sorry no pictures, I forgot to take some !!


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