White Chocolate Rocky Road

Warning. This is highly addictive and totally delicious.  In fact, it is so good that it has been known to cause an out of body experience!

This recipe takes all of about 5mins to whip up. Its not the cheapest thing in the world to make but honestly, who cares when it tastes this good !  Oh and if you want this to be gluten free, you need to search out GF variety of marshmallows (Kmart and BigW usually stock them). 

You could add small chopped pieces of real Turkish Delight, or swap the white chocolate for dark or milk.  Experiment with the ingredients once you get the hang of it, but there a couple of keys to success:

Rule 1.  The quality of the chocolate.  I’ve had good success with a Coles brand Belgian white chocolate, and found that Cadbury white is far too sweet.  The absolute best is Lindt, you might have trouble finding this, but if you can, it is worth it.  I got mine from Dijon Foods.

Rule 2. Nuts must be toasted.  This is easy to do by putting the nuts in a dry fry pan and shaking occasionally as the nuts slightly toast. You could also put into the oven, but frying is fine and I find it quicker. Just keep a close eye on them.  You could use slivered almonds (pictured here) or pistachio (our favourite). The pistachio looks good against the white chocolate & cranberries.  Macadamia nuts roughly chopped would be delicious too. 

I use a square cake tin to put it in as we prefer the Rocky Road to be thin, but a loaf pan would be ok too and makes it thicker pieces, more like what you would buy in store.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of container you use – so long as you line it with baking paper.  It will firm up pretty quickly once it goes into the fridge.


1/2 bag of marshmallows, cut in half or quarters if they are big puffy kind
about 400g white chocolate
1/2 cup dried cranberries (craisins)
about 1/2 cup nuts
sprinkle of coconut (optional)

Place a stainless steel bowl on top of a saucepan half-filled with water.  Break the chocolate into squares and place into the bowl.  Heat the water and the warmth will melt the chocolate.

Once the chocolate is almost completely melted, remove from heat and stir to melt the rest completely. This way the chocolate won’t get too hot.

Add in the nuts, coconut if using and cranberries. Stir through to combine.  Add in the marshmallows and quickly stir.   If you don’t do this quickly the marshmallows will start to melt into a big mush.  

Pour into prepared dish lined with baking paper. 

Place in the mixture in the fridge to cool for a few hours and then cut into squares. 


…..oh, and if you make this, please post a comment and let me know if you think it lived up to all my hype!


About Soul Kitchen Blog

Welcome to Soul Kitchen Blog. Sure food ultimately is fuel for the body but made with love is so much more and truly nourishes the soul. As cliche as it sounds, life really is too short to eat bad food and drink bad wine. I have a passion for cooking and a love of good food. I am committed to my quest of searching for fabulous recipes that just so happen to be gluten free. In recent years I discovered that I have intolerance to gluten and whilst its changed my eating habits somewhat, I refuse to allow it to limit my choices to eat well or make those that I cook for feel that they are missing out on anything. My mandate is simple... Feed the body and nourish the soul. I look forward to sharing my journey with you ....
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